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Written for the Summer 2007 Build-a-Fic Challenge

Title: A Little Rain
Author: coley_026
Word Count: 4877
Song: Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers
1.) Character/Pairing: Rory/Logan
2.) Rating: M
3.) Time Period: Post-Series Finale
4.) Ickle Word: schmoopy, confusable
6.) Random Object: Raindrops
7.) Happening/Event: Late night phone call

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Title: My Favorite Mistake
Pairing: Nathan/Haley - One Tree Hill
Rating: T
Summary:  The days before their first anniversary are either going to make or break Nathan and Haley. An AU one shot. Fluff and angst, so we’ll call it flangst.
Disclaimer: Do I own One Tree Hill and/or its characters? No. Nor do I own any lyrics belonging to Sheryl Crow or John Mayer.


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An aspiring novelist disguised as a fanfic writer. Or mayhaps, A fanfic writer disguised as an aspiring novelist? Admittedly, the novel has been set aside, the fanfic pushed to the front, but meh, writing is writng no matter what words are on the paper.

So here they are, a collection of some of my favorite pieces.


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